Sunday, October 24, 2010

Surprise at Montreux

Though we are big fans of Hanahan (or hanafan, as we like to call it) and our new place, we still enjoy some of our old dog friendly haunts in Summerville. This morning we had the opportunity to have brunch at Montreux and while Zeke, Sadie, Mom and Dad were enjoying the weather and their food, we saw this little guy run across a busy street and onto the sidewalk where we were sitting. Dad went over to him and got him to stay with him. He had a collar and a Halloween bandanna but no ID tag. Thankfully our dog loving waitress brought him some water and we put him on a spare leash while we tried to get a hold of animal control. While we were waiting someone rode by looking for him, evidently they go on a lot of walks downtown (including lunch at Montreux) and I guess this fellow decided he needed a walk and some french fries and decided to take off. We love a happy ending!

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