Friday, October 22, 2010

Magnolia Plantation

Zeke and mom headed out to Magnolia Plantation today. They are super cool about pups at the plantation. Dogs are welcome everywhere but inside the house tour and in the petting zoo.
Zeke inspects some of the fall flowers. (He did not eat any, picking the flowers isn't allowed, so we assume neither is eating the flowers)
The gardens come right up against the Ashley River.
Zeke decided to take in the boat tour. On the tour we saw a bunch of egrets and herons and other marsh fowl. And of course there were a bunch of gators, we are not gator fans. They have named the two biggest gators "Little Wally" and "Big Wally". Here is one of the pictures of the ugly reptiles.

Dogs are also welcome on the tram nature tour.

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