Thursday, April 29, 2010

busy day

This picture is being submitted to 'good dogs gone bad'. Mom baked 2 dozen cupcakes for a friend's birthday (a dozen chocolate and a dozen yellow) the previous night, they survived the night, then got iced in the morning. Left the house for about 45 minutes and returned to these remains. All that was left of the chocolate cupcakes was this mangled paper plate. The yellow cupcakes which were in the same location on the counter remained untouched. Next followed a frantic call to the vet, whose paraphrased response was "your two dog beasts would have to eat more than twelve cupcakes to hurt them, but let us know if you see anything unusual". So we just laughed and made the guilty parties pose for this picture.

Later in the day, Mom and Zeke hit a milestone in her truck - 200,000 miles. So we stopped to document the moment.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ROAD TRIP: Myrtle Beach Barc Parc

Got a call to take our friend Sarah to Myrtle Beach to the airport. We used the excursion as an excuse to check out the Barc Parc, the Grand Strand's dog park we had read about. It is pretty large and our favorite part was the loop around the lake allowed you to take an off leash stroll without being in the mix of all the other dogs that were playing. There were plenty of "pickup stations" and benches to sit and relax. There was an odd separate fenced section, that we at first assumed was for smaller dogs but that wasn't the case -- there were dogs of all size. That area did have a few obstacles set up that might have been an attempt at an agility area but it wasn't very complete.

All in all a good road trip. Zeke slept on the way back.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paws for the Cause

Yesterday Zeke participated in the Paws for the Cause fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. We did a walk around the park with a bunch of other good hearted pups (including some canine cancer survivors, who got to lead the walk) and then they had some great fun setup for afterwards.First and foremost, our little boy showed his talent at the "pie" eating contest. He won first place for devouring his pie of dog food the fastest and got this cool blue ribbon.
Stiff competition.
Victorious chowing down!
There was also a paw reading booth, and Zeke got his future read.
An obstacle course area was set up and despite his disinterested look in this picture, Zeke did a great job navigating the course.

The Riverdogs mascot Charlie (a giant dog) was there and an attempt was made at getting Zeke to take a picture with him, but when we got close Zeke started to freak a little and barked at Charlie. So we passed on that photo op.

This was a really fun event and for such a great cause. Zeke and mom were both wore out by the time we got home.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A day at the beach

Taking the opportunity to enjoy a warm spring and the last days of no-leash freedom, Zeke took a day trip to the beach with mom and his friend Sarah.
The water was not very warm, but Zeke doesn't mind. The rest of the day was perfect; not too crowded and just the right amount of breeze.
Sarah launches a bumper for Zeke. We also played some frisbee and Zeke made a few spectacular catches.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

cover model contest pictures posted

So Zeke and Sadie's pictures didn't turn out too great, they were WAY hot and had tongues dragging. But here they are CLICKY HERE FOR PICS , they are on page 38 of the pictures if it doesn't load up right. Lots of funny and cute pictures of all the dogs that were at Pet Fest though.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

pet fest = blah

We went to Pet Fest this year and we were hoping to have some awesome pictures to post. This year, however, Pet Fest didn't seem to have the same energy as last year. We entered Zeke and Sadie in the Lowcountry Dog Magazine cover model contest (I'll post when the pictures are available) and Sadie got to stop by and say hi to the cool folks from Lowcountry Lab Rescue who helped us find Sadie. We also met a cool lady who makes custom collars and leashes... but other than that it was kinda blah. So instead of cool Pet Fest pictures, you get Zeke and his Easter basket since we didn't post that last week.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

the camping wrap-up

We made it back safe and sound from our big first camping trip with the dogs. We all had a blast. We ended up with a sweet camp site with lake access so Sadie and Zeke could swim every morning or evening or whenever.
Oconee county is chock-full of waterfalls, and we planned our hikes accordingly. Our first evening there we went looking for Hidden Falls (above), it turned out to be a longer hike than we originally thought which ended with us hiking back in the dark! Thankfully dad remembered the flashlights, although he accused mom of trying to kill him and Zeke with such a crazy hike right out the gate.
The next day we set out to find Miuka Falls and Secret Falls, which are supposed to be on the same hike. Only luck with Miuka, but we couldn't get down close enough for Zeke to really get to check it out. Secret Falls lived up to its name and we couldn't get our bearings right to the spot where you leave the trail.
Sadie and Zeke did get to enjoy playing in and drinking from some mountain streams.

Roughing it. Zeke and Sadie took every available opportunity to steal some time on dad's sleeping bag.
On the last day, we packed up the campsite and set out for Issaquena Falls, our last and easiest trip. Dad and Sadie were tired, so they stayed up top but Zeke and mom climbed down to the bottom to take this picture.
In the same park as Issaquena Falls is Stumphouse Tunnel, an unfinished railroad tunnel that lets you walk about 1700 ft into the mountain. It was pretty neat, not sure the dogs enjoyed it that much.

Finally we headed home and unpacked the truck, all in all a fun trip.