Sunday, February 28, 2010

rumored dog parks

We ended up at the dog park at Palmetto Islands County Park and everyone had a blast, but our intention this morning was to check out the 'dog park' at the new Waterfront Park in Mount Pleasant. None could be found, so we asked the visitor center lady if there was a dog park and her reply was 'well, you can have your dog here at the park'. Hmmm.. not what we had in mind. Anyway, some pictures from this morning.
Traffic jam!
Sadie and a sweet goldie
Zeke and Gumball

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

spring fever, for now

Maybe, hopefully, spring is on its way here! Snow was fun for a couple of days but now we are ready for the fun that comes with warmer weather. Today's temperature got up to 72, so Zeke and Sadie hit the dog park and had a big time with all kinds of fun pups that were out enjoying the warm day. The pictures are from this past weekend, we started back up hiking the swamp fox passage of the palmetto trail. Hooray for spring!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowmageddon update!

Well, it really did snow! We got about 5 inches, this in a place that hadn't seen any real snow in 21 years. Zeke went out in the snow last night while it was still coming down pretty hard and this morning when it was done and just beautiful on the ground. Zeke made some yellow snow.
Running in the cold

On top of part 1 of the snowman

trying to make snowdog angels

Friday, February 12, 2010


Whilst it seems as though everyone else we know is getting piled on with snow, its just been REALLY cold and rainy here (seriously freezing cold) in coastal South Carolina. Never fear, snow is predicted today, so bring on the frenzied panic! Zeke and mom tried to avoid the mess and bundled up to head up to the forest for a hike, we made it to the lake and stopped for swimming. Then this golden retriever kinda comes up from out of nowhere, but she was just ahead of her dad. She and Zeke played for a little bit and then they continued on their way. We passed them again on the way back out, they also had a Boykin - state dog of south carolina!

Yesterday Sadie and Zeke went to Wannamaker dog park and got to hang out with Xyla (we met her before, a Belgian Malmois) and Brody the GSD. Zeke had to go in time out because he was feeling very amorous towards Xyla.