Sunday, October 10, 2010

Paws in the Park (Zeke's second annual)

Yesterday was the Charleston Animal Society's Annual Paws in the Park event. They had a walk around Park Circle to raise money for the SPCA and then had vendors, contests and games (see above where Zeke doesn't quite grasp the point of this particular game).
Dad and Sadie got to go with Mom and Zeke to the walk this year, it was their first time, and I think it was pretty fun for them.
Zeke entered the Best Kisser contest (and did NOT win). He did however jump off the stage once he saw mom in the crowd taking pictures. Here is a picture of him giving some love to SPCA Kay.
Zeke tries his paw at Puppy Putt-Putt. His favorite part was snatching the ball after it had been hit.
No, this was not a look-a-like contest. This is Sear Sauls, one of the sponsors for the event. But it's always a good thing to make sure your camo and your dog coordinate properly. So props to the two of them for that.

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