Friday, June 25, 2010

making new friends at wannamaker

We tried to head out early to the dog park yesterday morning to avoid the worst heat of the day, it still did not take long for everyone to get tired. Here we are in this big dog park and everyone (dogs and dog parents alike) was kinda camped out in this little shady section.
We met Craig, a yellow lab who came to play but unfortunately got stuck with a bunch of dogs who mostly wanted to lay around in the shade. We found out Craig is the Tour Guide dog who did the video dog park tours for And his mom and dad made the video we linked to from Whirlin' Waters Dog Day, how cool is that!
Zeke and Midnight, a pretty darn big black lab!
Here is Bentley a 7 month old Great Dane puppy, who despite his tall stature, found a way under the picnic table.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

bama trip 2010

Zeke made the trip back to Alabama to visit with family again and play in the lake. This time around he finally got over his fear of jumping off the dock. We're not launching record breaking SRS leaps here, but it's a start.
The trick to getting over that fear was having mom jump in first and then call Zeke in.
C'mon in Sadie the water's nice. (Sadie could not be convinced jumping off the dock was the best way to get in the lake)

Zeke watches the sunrise and contemplates life before the ride back to South Carolina.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

can't beat the heat

You really can't get up early enough to avoid the serious heat we have going on here. We took a walk early and then went to All is Well to pick up some new antler chews for our upcoming. Now we well spend the rest of the day trying to cool off.

Monday, June 14, 2010

doh! no camera

Didn't have the camera with us this weekend but the good times still happened. Zeke and Sadie made new friends at Wassamasaw Dog Park with Buddy (named after Buddy the Elf) and Cali. They had a great time playing Friday evening. The goal of the rest of the weekend was to try and stay cool so that meant play time was mostly restricted to early in the morning and late in the evening. Planning on heading to the lake next weekend to visit some family.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Riverdogs Dog Day

Dogs and baseball, what's not to love! Zeke just had to have his picture made like a real Riverdog player.
Charlie T. Riverdog the mascot stopped by to say hello or woof or whatever they said.
A little lab meet and greet at the cooling off pools.
Our neighbor one row behind us. Her family brought good treats!

Next dog day is the 27th of June.

Monday, June 7, 2010

playing at the boat landing

We were out exploring the tri-county area this weekend and ended up at the boat landing in Russellville. Found an area that had a sandy slope and was open (i.e. lower gator potential), so we took the opportunity to cool off and fetch the bumper.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday in the (dog) park

This morning we loaded up and headed for Wannamaker Dog Park. And man did we luck out, got to meet two really cool labs.
This is Cocoa, a 4 month old chocolate lab baby girl. She had no fear of running with the big dogs and loved to splash in the water bowl.
Cocoa did not like having her picture taken, but the lab paparazzi was determined to get a photo of her interacting with her older male doppelganger Zeke.
Then we met Doug the black lab, who was from Lowcountry Lab Rescue just like Sadie. But how he found his mom was such a great story: he was at the beach with his foster and got free and ran right up to this stranger, his foster parent came up apologized and asked if she wanted to adopt him. They got the opportunity to play some more and every time Doug got called back he came straight to her and sat at her feet. So he new who needed to be his new mom!
We just had to get an alumni shot to post on the LLR facebook page.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was way fun! Dad was off for the holiday and we all had a big time!
Monday we all went to Marrington for a walk and then McAlister's for lunch. Zeke wanted to show off his new scarf.
Sunday we went to Wannamaker and spent some time at the dog park (Zeke met Dozer, see above) and Zeke went running with mom while she roller-bladed. Sadie and Dad hung out at the park and she got to play with a great dane.
Saturday we took a hike in the national forest. And covered another 3 miles on our quest to hike the Swamp Fox passage this year! At the halfway creek campsite there was a water station that the kids enjoyed. Sadie in particular thought it was very refreshing.