Monday, November 30, 2009

Fox After Thanksgiving Party 2009

Zeke got invited to a party this past Saturday to watch football and play with all his friends and eat yummy food. It was hosted by his friends Laidee and Darlynn Fox.
Dad, the dog whisperer.
Yellow cubed... they all want to fetch the same stick.

We tried to do a group sit... and got about this far

Mom and her very tired Zeke. We all had a blast!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Week in Review

Tuesday morning we went to our current favorite swimming spot, then we stopped by All is Well (a pet health food store) Summerville location for the first time. They have great toys and treats and really helpful people. Zeke and Sadie picked up deer antler chews which they have been enjoying all week.
Since mom and dad were both off of work, Wednesday we made plans to head to the beach. Being November we tried to dress warm but the winds were minimal and made things really great.

After some great wave crashing ocean super fetching, Zeke thought it would be a blast to dig a hole in the sand.

and YAY! Its officially Turkey Day, some of Zeke's family came over to visit and we all had a blast.

Zeke makes a great pillow.

Black Friday: Zeke slept in, while mom tried to find some deals, then we loaded up for short hike at Marrington Plantation.

Monday, November 23, 2009

foggy day

Zeke is on vacation this week! We started the morning with a very foggy run and then dropped off some things at the Habitat ReStore.
Then we came home and waited on Lowe's to bring the new refrigerator, which has arrived and recieved Zeke's approval.

We have doing some remodeling of Zeke's house and that has put BIG FUN on the back burner and made posting rather sparse and dull, but most of the work is done now and hopefully some pictures will be up soon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

bluffs point and stressful dogs

Zeke and mom went out deer watching again, this time out to Bluffs Point. And also saw some turkey tracks, but alas, no turkeys.
Things were going swell until Zeke heard someone else talking in the woods and BOLTED from mom at mach 2, wouldn't respond to calls or whistle. After a few minutes yelping was heard in the distance and then Z comes barreling back to his mom. We couldn't locate any injuries, but have no idea what went down.
At that point mom packed it up and got back to the truck as quick as possible.