Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ROAD TRIP: Myrtle Beach Barc Parc

Got a call to take our friend Sarah to Myrtle Beach to the airport. We used the excursion as an excuse to check out the Barc Parc, the Grand Strand's dog park we had read about. It is pretty large and our favorite part was the loop around the lake allowed you to take an off leash stroll without being in the mix of all the other dogs that were playing. There were plenty of "pickup stations" and benches to sit and relax. There was an odd separate fenced section, that we at first assumed was for smaller dogs but that wasn't the case -- there were dogs of all size. That area did have a few obstacles set up that might have been an attempt at an agility area but it wasn't very complete.

All in all a good road trip. Zeke slept on the way back.

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