Thursday, April 29, 2010

busy day

This picture is being submitted to 'good dogs gone bad'. Mom baked 2 dozen cupcakes for a friend's birthday (a dozen chocolate and a dozen yellow) the previous night, they survived the night, then got iced in the morning. Left the house for about 45 minutes and returned to these remains. All that was left of the chocolate cupcakes was this mangled paper plate. The yellow cupcakes which were in the same location on the counter remained untouched. Next followed a frantic call to the vet, whose paraphrased response was "your two dog beasts would have to eat more than twelve cupcakes to hurt them, but let us know if you see anything unusual". So we just laughed and made the guilty parties pose for this picture.

Later in the day, Mom and Zeke hit a milestone in her truck - 200,000 miles. So we stopped to document the moment.

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