Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paws for the Cause

Yesterday Zeke participated in the Paws for the Cause fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. We did a walk around the park with a bunch of other good hearted pups (including some canine cancer survivors, who got to lead the walk) and then they had some great fun setup for afterwards.First and foremost, our little boy showed his talent at the "pie" eating contest. He won first place for devouring his pie of dog food the fastest and got this cool blue ribbon.
Stiff competition.
Victorious chowing down!
There was also a paw reading booth, and Zeke got his future read.
An obstacle course area was set up and despite his disinterested look in this picture, Zeke did a great job navigating the course.

The Riverdogs mascot Charlie (a giant dog) was there and an attempt was made at getting Zeke to take a picture with him, but when we got close Zeke started to freak a little and barked at Charlie. So we passed on that photo op.

This was a really fun event and for such a great cause. Zeke and mom were both wore out by the time we got home.

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