Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthday Celebration: Finale

Zeke was a very lucky puppy and got to have a birthday party at his friends house (with access to swimming SWEET!). Many friends of Sadie and Zeke were in attendance including five other labs, a blue tick hound, and a beagle. Zeke got some awesome homemade treats as a gift.
Daniel launches a ball for the party-goers
Laidee makes sure Zeke doesn't have her tennis ball.

Laidee catchin' some air!

Darlynn and Laidee

Tucker channels Micheal Phelps to win this race.

Treats can make you a very popular guy.

The puppy birthday cake! Banana and Peanut Butter cake with fat free cream cheese icing.

Dad feeds Zeke some birthday cake.
Thanks SOOOO very much to our hosts Daniel, Libby, Darlynn, Laidee, and Tucker!!! What a great birthday party, everyone had so much fun.

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