Monday, January 18, 2010

Hanging out on MLK day

Dad was off from work today, it was our intention to get some more miles done on the Swamp Fox Trail. However, mucho rains made the going super soggy so we turned out trip into an exploratory of some of the other entry points on the trail. We made it to the Witherbee Ranger Station, but since they were closed as well for the holiday we didn't see if they had a Junior Ranger program for Zeke or anything cool like that. Still, the pup's got to run in the woods some, and that always makes for a good day.
On our way back we stopped by and saw Zeke's cousin Mojo, the Minature Pinscher. Mojo is very hard to capture on camera! Then since the weather has improved so much we had a lunch outside at MacAlisters for the first time in ages, which was super nice.

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