Friday, February 12, 2010


Whilst it seems as though everyone else we know is getting piled on with snow, its just been REALLY cold and rainy here (seriously freezing cold) in coastal South Carolina. Never fear, snow is predicted today, so bring on the frenzied panic! Zeke and mom tried to avoid the mess and bundled up to head up to the forest for a hike, we made it to the lake and stopped for swimming. Then this golden retriever kinda comes up from out of nowhere, but she was just ahead of her dad. She and Zeke played for a little bit and then they continued on their way. We passed them again on the way back out, they also had a Boykin - state dog of south carolina!

Yesterday Sadie and Zeke went to Wannamaker dog park and got to hang out with Xyla (we met her before, a Belgian Malmois) and Brody the GSD. Zeke had to go in time out because he was feeling very amorous towards Xyla.

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