Monday, May 4, 2009

latest updates

  • Obviously Zeke graduated. Our trainer Michael was fantastic, I would recommend him to anyone interested in classes at Summerville Pet Smart. If we do intermediate class in the fall we are going to wait until Michael is teaching a class we can attend.

  • is committing to 'Blog every day in May' and we hope that includes at least two new dog friendly food establishments and one new dog park review.

  • Zeke is going on vacation next week. Going to spend some family time at the beach. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, but even if it does not good times will prevail.

  • In the past week Zeke has been to Cross Country Campers and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. Love finding random dog friendly places. He also went back to swim at the Ponds, which we determined is probably looking to keep people from messing up the lot with trucks, so we all walked.

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