Saturday, May 30, 2009

do dogs get chicken pox?

I don't think so, but yesterday I wasn't so convinced. Around 3pm some bumps were felt behind Zeke's left ear. There was only a small area affected but it had numerous bumps. The bumps could be felt easier than be seen; the were under the skin and didn't have any sign of redness or bite. And while Zeke didn't seem bothered by the bumps and wasn't scratching at them, Mom started to go into panic mode. Thankfully our vet (shout out Central Veterinary) got us in at the end of the day. Amber the vet tech thought Zeke might have gotten into some fire ants--possible as Zeke gets into everything. Dr Chad took a look at them and said whatever got Zeke got him pretty good as the bumps were a result of an infection. He gave us some antibiotics and a few days worth of prednizone to help with the inflammation.

This morning the bumps feel bigger, but we probably need to give the medicine time to work.

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