Wednesday, May 27, 2009

always have a plan B

This evening Zeke was supposed to go to Salty Mike's and celebrate the boss man, Charles Fox, returning from his cross country bicycle trip to raise money for Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy. We asked Charles if the place was dog-friendly and he told us 'yeah, absolutely, Daniel goes there all the time with his dogs'. We were very excited about checking out a new place in downtown Charleston only to pull up in the parking lot and see a sign that said NO DOGS OR CHILDREN ALLOWED. What a major bummer!
Since we were already downtown we decided to check out the Three Dog Bakery, where Zeke got some special treats like carrot cake and a crunchy bone for Sadie. Also picked up some low-fat apple training treat bites. Zeke met some other pups in the store including a very young brindle mastiff and one of the store dogs was a small female chocolate lab.
So lessons learned today? Always have a Plan B and don't ever trust Charles (j/k).

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