Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wassamassaw Dog Park

After work today, Zeke went to the dog park at Wassamassaw Park, which is closest to home. It is conveniently located in Summerville (turn at the stop light on 78 across from Alston Middle School) but maybe because of its newness it is some times empty or not many dogs for Zeke to play with. Many pups and people we run into there are still trying to determine when is the best time of day or day of the week to come to play.
Zeke and Sadie are up to the task. Need us to check out a dog park? We're on it!

Wassamassaw's Dog park offers a separate area for smaller dogs, that is just as large as the big dog section. It has a tall chain link fence around the entirety and a sturdy gate with transition area for re-leashing.

Here is a wide shot from outside the dog park, it is probably about 60 yards long not super wide.

Inside has several large trees which Zeke says are excellent for peeing on. While its not huge, this park definitely offers plenty of room to run. There are two benches inside for owner sitting along with two "pick up" stations. Drainage seems to function fairly well as we have been here after some wet times, there is a storm drain in the middle of the park.

The one thing we would change is that the watering bowl, while nice, it located on the outside of the dog area. It can be inconvenient. We have seen several people bring bowls in, but once its empty you have to go back outside the fenced area to refill it.

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