Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Anti-Flowertown

This weekend was the annual Flowertown Festival in Zeke's hometown. It is an arts and crafts festival that draws huge crowds swarming through the beautiful Azalea Park and surrounding mud pits. Unfortunately it is distinctly dog-UNfriendly with a strict NO PETS ALLOWED posted all over the advertisement.
Zeke opted to avoid the traffic and crowds and Saturday went for a hike in the national forest. He saw several deer and a black rat snake and had a great swim. Today Zeke went to the dog park, but didn't stay long as we ran into some weird folks. There was only one other dog in the park with four humans and when Zeke wanted to play with the dog the humans got defensive and kept body blocking him. Zeke and mom still haven't quite figured out why you would go to the off leash dog park if you didn't want to play.

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