Monday, March 16, 2009

Beginner's Class Week 2

Yesterday evening was class # 2. We met our regular trainer, Michael, who was out last week at a dog show. Prior to training Michael was a professional dog handler and showed Chinese Sharpeis. He spent some time getting a feel for each of the dogs in our class.

Week 2 was focusing on walking loose on a leash. Zeke was once again very stubborn and pulling a LOT. Michael worked with him some and told mom to not pull back when he pulls but to just stop and wait till he relaxes some slack on the leash and then move on. The idea being he will learn that pulling doesn't get him anywhere. Also when he sees another dog or person that makes him want to pull, mom needs to be ready to redirect him into sitting calmly for a treat or toy, until he learns to disregard the passerby.

All in all, mom felt much better after this class than the last. Zeke was still crazy -- we are going for the 'Most Improved' award and want to set the bar low-- but our trainer seems to have a lot of experience and a great attitude. Also this time we remembered all the name of the dogs in our class: Lolly the Schnauzer, Tiger the Basset Hound, and Mya the Yellow Lab.

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