Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beginner's Class Week 1

Today was Zeke and Mom's first week at Beginner's Obedience class and we are both exhausted from the entire event. Only 3 other dogs showed up: another lab, Mya, a basset hound named Tiger and a smaller dog. Zeke was by far THE WORST dog in class. He barked, he whined, he pulled at the leash because he desperately wanted to go play with the other dogs and not sit around and take instruction.

We worked on "watch me" -- getting Zeke's attention with varying degrees of sucess. Mom learned to not pet Zeke when he does something he isn't supposed to like whine or bark, but instead to try and redirect his energy to something he is supposed to do, such as sitting or maybe shaking a paw and then praising him.
Zeke did do wonderfully when the instructor started the basics of "come". Granted we have worked on that before, but mom was still furiously proud of her Zekers he was the most enthusiastic to come back to mom... except when he marked one of the cash register areas.

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