Wednesday, May 28, 2008

last night's visit

Last night around 10:20pm we got to see Zeke for the first time after the surgery. It was definitely not what I expected. There was no cast, they actually put us in a room and let him walk out to us and he was putting a little bit of weight on the leg and getting around tolerably well. I figured the leg would be in a cast and they wouldn't want to move him for awhile the tech tells us that they want them up and using the leg as soon as possible so he is actually doing fairly well.

Here are a few pics, all from my camera phone so sorry about quality.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew they would have to shave him to get to cutting, but I hadn't really imagined seeing my dog with a 1/4 of his body shaved. So that was a little startling.

He did wag his tail some and seemed in a little better spirits, he was whining like he was in pain still. And he was shaking a lot, which we were told was because of the narcotics that he is on, it makes dogs nervous and so they shake.

Here is sort of a close up of the cut and the staples.

I'm supposed to call at 10 today to check on him and confirm that we can pick him up and take him home around 11.

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Unknown said...

POOR BABY!!!! Tell him next time he smells BBQ to wait till the truck stops LOL