Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First post, about 7 weeks late

This the life and times of a chocolate lab, who is currently 14 weeks old.. so we're going to go back in time and try to get caught up.

Zeke was born on January 29th (So he hit 14 weeks yesterday). He had 8 brothers and sisters. We picked him from the litter because wanted a male and he had a nice coloring on his coat, he also wasn't the biggest or the most timid. This is the oldest picture I have of him; he looks pretty bossy in this picture. I believe he is about 4 weeks old in this shot.

His dad, Anthony, weighs about 75lbs. And his mom, Clare, wieghed about that before she had the litter, but she was a longer body type than Anthony. I have one good shot of Zeke's dad, but the breeder is only a few hours away and makes trips to where we live so hopefully Zeke can see Anthony and Clare on some occasions. Here is a picture of the sire Anthony.

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