Friday, March 7, 2014

Missing little Brown Betty aka Zeke's mini me

Some friends of ours just got a new pup, and it made me think of our most recent Lowcountry Lab Rescue girl.  Betty was our boomerang foster - we fostered her from her litter that was brought to the shelter, she went to a home, it did not work out and she was returned to us.  There were some real moments of "Should we just keep her?". She fit in well with our kids, as can be from the above picture of both Betty and Zeke napping on my lap.  Betty was also a very smart and loving girl, I certainly don't buy into the "behavioral problems" that was the complaint against her.  However as it goes, another adoptive family came to meet her, they had recently lost one of their furry family.  They really seemed committed to giving Betty the love and home she deserved.  Betty is now a new "mama's good girl" and doing well with her new forever family!  Sometimes happy endings take a little extra time. 

   As a bonus, here is a video of Betty requesting extra head scratches.

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