Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sky Dog Family Dog Park

We visited Sky Dogs Family Dog Park a couple weeks ago. It was our first time to this private dog park in Summerville. For non-members it was $3 a person to entry fee and that got you access all day. It was a pretty cool place, they have some food and beverages available for purchase as well as televisions setup and corn hole boards.
 In the off-leash area, they have agility equipment, and we got Zeke to try some of it out.  He jumped over the bar a few times, but then decided cheating was a better option. 

Here is Zeke coming off the balance beam.  He's no Gabby Douglas, but I think he scores well on style.  They have several other agility obstacles, which makes for a nice break up from the normal open grassy area of a dog park. 

The owner told us they have plans to put in a dock dogs style dock and pool.  We love that idea and hope to see it soon!!!  

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