Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taking Foster Bro to the Pond.

This is our newest Lowcountry Lab Rescue foster boy, Remington*.  We took him to one of our favorite ponds for a swim. We believe it was a new experience for him, as when he took his first launch he sunk completely underwater for about 3 full seconds (giving us a scare) before coming up and trying to ascertain what just happened.  It did not take long for his lab genes to kick in and within 30 minutes he was swimming around like a fish. 
There was a bunch of this...
And some more tugging over who had the bumper
Clearly, two bumpers are better than one. 

*We called our first foster puppy Remmy/Remington, but this is not him - Remmy the pup is living happily in his forever home. 

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