Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Hike and the newest addition to the household.

Zeke apologizes for the length of time in between posts. He has been meaning to update but mom has started a new job and things are kind of crazy around here. However this morning we did get a hike in... around the mile marker 15 of the Swamp Fox Passage.
Here is one fellow traveler we met on the trail. An eastern corn snake (aka NOT POISONOUS) and as it was still pretty cool he wasn't moving much, just sticking his tongue out at us.
Not too long after we started out, the forcasted rains began. We trekked on through because it had been such a long time since we were able to get out and enjoy the woods.
On the way back Sadie and Dad take the muddy route while Zeke and mom chose to balance beam on the logs to avoid the muck.

and here is another article about the situation:

While the investigation is pending it seems like something bad is going down in Chesterfield, SC. Some of the rescue groups are working to pull as many animals as possible from that shelter. Lowcountry Lab Rescue picked up two and we are doing a temporary foster for one of the girls. Her name is Dixie and we will post more about her --including pictures --soon.

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