Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

We are back from the second ever Dog Day at Whirlin' Waters Water park, and it was was a great time. Lots of water lovin' pups out enjoying the Big Kahuna wave pool and the otter bay pool for the little pups. Zeke and mom even took a walk around the lazy river. This year they had signs up saying no people past this point in the water but as it started getting more crowded the line started creeping deeper into the pool.
Zeke probably would have swam till he exhausted himself, as it was we made him get out and take breaks
Another great turnout this year, and so much fun seeing all the dogs running around the water park.
Zeke enjoys taking the tough way out of the pool. I think he did it to impress chics.
And all the fruits of our labor are displayed in this tired puppy curled up under my desk.

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