Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Millbrook Dog Park Pictures up - finally!

I'm way behind on getting these pictures up, but when we went to the Duke Canine Cognition Center we spent the night with cousin Jenn and then went to check out the Millbrook Exchange Dog park. Which we have found listed on the top twenty dog parks in the country by two different publications -- so how could we miss such an opportunity.

At first, I thought 'well what is so special about this?', but once you get inside it's really very lovely. Nicely wooded and lots of room to spread out in the shade and enjoy some time with your puppy. Which was a treat because it was very hot the weekend we were there, but with so much coverage it was comfortable.
Zeke and mom made a complete tour of the park.

Interesting approach to waste management, this way I suppose the city park guys don't have to come into the dog area to haul away the trash bins.
An area in between the big dog section and little guy section was gated separately with a covered area and several picnic tables.
Zeke and his cousin Jenn, thanks for giving us a place to crash, we had a blast!

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