Friday, June 25, 2010

making new friends at wannamaker

We tried to head out early to the dog park yesterday morning to avoid the worst heat of the day, it still did not take long for everyone to get tired. Here we are in this big dog park and everyone (dogs and dog parents alike) was kinda camped out in this little shady section.
We met Craig, a yellow lab who came to play but unfortunately got stuck with a bunch of dogs who mostly wanted to lay around in the shade. We found out Craig is the Tour Guide dog who did the video dog park tours for And his mom and dad made the video we linked to from Whirlin' Waters Dog Day, how cool is that!
Zeke and Midnight, a pretty darn big black lab!
Here is Bentley a 7 month old Great Dane puppy, who despite his tall stature, found a way under the picnic table.

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