Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo, FAIL!

The big plan for Cinco De Mayo 2010 was to head to Margaritas' Mexican restaurant because they had added all kinds of extra outdoor seating. We get there and snag a table. Then the manager (or whomever was in charge) came out and told us we couldn't have Zeke and Sadie there. The patrons sitting around us in their sombreros rallied to our defense, but to no avail. We did ask why we couldn't be there when at last 3 other restaurants in walking distance had tables outside and would let patrons have awesome dogs there and the response was to the effect of people will complain 'because the wind blows the smell'**.

SO, we left and went to a happier spot. Our good friends at Montreux also know how to make some awesome nachos and I'm pretty sure the margaritas were better too.

Next year, I think we will just try to have a Cinco De Mayo block party so we don't have to worry about the lack of dog friendly Mexican eating establishments.

**Note: I may have misunderstood this second part of the explanation.

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