Saturday, October 31, 2009


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hope everyone had a fun and safe one. Zeke had a blast going to PetSmart today to trick-or-treat, while we picked up some snacks. Everyone loved Sadie's bumblebee costume... except Sadie, she pretty much hated wearing any part of it, particularly the antennae. Zeke took a walk through the neighborhood in his SuperZeke costume and lots of kids said hi to him and would yell out 'Hey there's Super Dog!'. One of the neighbors did their yard up so cool as a cemetery with lots of spooky decorations. And yesterday at work, Zeke's friends came dressed up as well; we had a French maid and Snow White.

So all in all a pretty good Halloween.

Zeke and Sadie at the house before going trick-or-treating.
Zeke's BFF Ladee as 'Snow White'

Zeke in front of the HAUNTED GRAVEYARD at one of our neighbor's homes

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