Monday, June 29, 2009

rockin' the new navy camos

Senior Chief Zeke of is modeling the new Navy Work Uniform, a stylish 'digital' blue camo. He is sorry he hasn't posted in a while but has been very busy avoiding the heat. Zeke tries to get his play time in early in the morning and then relax in the cool during the hottest parts of the day. He was also very disturbed by this nasty business with Gov. Sanford, Zeke met him earlier this year (See posts here and here), and Zeke liked the governor a lot--total bummer.

The bugs are also out in full force now that it is so wonderfully humid in SC. Zeke got into some fire ants or something like that and ended up with a bunch of bumps from infected bites on his head. Dr. Chad gave him some antibiotics, but we guess its just going to be a casualty of playing in the woods so much.

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