Saturday, February 7, 2009

warming up

Zeke went for a swim this morning, the temperature is finally returning to sane values. Getting ready to go get some lunch and check out the hot labs at the dog park.
This past thursday Zeke went to the vet for a hip x-ray to be sent off to OFA for preliminary hip certification. The vet said he looked healthy, but the OFA was a bit of a crap shoot. So we send it in and wait for the results.
Below is a really bad photo of the X-ray but you can see the screw that had to stay in from his broken leg surgery.


Fatherzig said...

Laura, I hope the OFA turns out ok. What are you wanting that for?

Zeke's Mom said...

Ladee's owner has expressed interest in breeding her with Zeke. We just want to be as responsible as we can about that kind of decision. Thanks for the comment.