Thursday, October 2, 2008

Plate Removal Surgery

Zeke went to the doctor yesterday to follow up on getting the plate removed from his leg. I had talked with the office previously to get an idea of cost and recovery time. What I didn't find out is that evidently that is an outpatient procedure.

I took him yesterday around 10:30 and they tell me I can probably pick him up around 4pm. Which was a nice surprise, I didn't really want him to have to stay in the hospital overnight. The plate came out okay, the one screw that broke off has been covered by bone, so that's staying in as a reminder of this fun time.

He was so out of it when I picked him up. His leg is shaved again and the incision is just as big as before (Zeke's dad is supposed to have some pictures up later today). Restricted activity level for 3 weeks. Right now he seems really sore on that leg.

Zeke whined all evening, slept for a little bit and then whined some more. I stayed downstairs on the couch with him from 2am till time to go to work. He was definitely doing some better this morning. We got a little tail wag out of him and he ate all of his breakfast. Z is staying at home with dad today.

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