Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pet Fest at AFB

Yesterday we went to the Air Force Base Pet Fest 08. They opened up the base pool to dog swimming, which was so awesome because Zeke and Sadie had never been in clear(ish) water before. They had fun, needed a little help getting out of the pool, but quickly got the hang of it. There were a gang of golden retrievers who didn't want to get out of the water and some crazy looking dog that was launching off the swimming platforms. Then one lady with a miniature dacshund pushed him in the 8 ft end, but left his leash on so she could snatch him out. Very good times.

One of the local police K-9 units also did a demonstration with one of their drug sniffers, a yellow lab named Beacon. She is a passive notifier, meaning that she just sits when she has smelled something. It was a very interesting demo.

From there we left and went to a dog-friendly restaurant called Parson Jack's. They have a little gated area outside where you and the pooches can be off leash. They were good to Zeke and Sadie but the food was not so fantastic.

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